Why Serco

Our Values in Practice

Exciting, demanding, rewarding ...
... three words that sum up what it is like to work for Serco

Our vision is to be the world's greatest service company. Everyone at Serco discovers a personal interpretation of being the 'greatest' that supports what they do every day. However it is not about revenues, profitability or growth. It is about being recognised as the greatest in our field of service.

Serco is a company rooted in strong values such as honesty, openness and integrity. To make these values real and ensure we deliver what is expected we require hearts to be in the right place and also, efficient, systematic support. That means good people management founded on good leadership, honest dialogue, empowerment and respect.

Our philosophy stems from the fact that we are entrusted by our customers to provide essential services. We are often stewards of an operation for a period of time and we don't forget that it is our responsibility to enhance its value and sustainability. Innovation often challenges relationships, but Serco's new ways of thinking and operating are a core competency and seen as going hand-in-hand with service excellence and a customer centric approach.