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Pride CEO Award to the EOP-SE Contract

Our EOP-SE CONTRACT has been recently awarded for the ‘Pride CEO Award - Living our values’.

During the Living Planet Symposium, the largest ever (over 3300 delegates) organized by ESA, which was held in Prague, Czech Republic, from 9-13 May 2016, our Italian EOP-SE CONTRACT Team actively contributed to the success for Serco, by embodying our values: Trust, Care, Pride and Innovation. Trust, as they have gone above and beyond to earn trust and respect and deliver excellent customer service; Care, because they have demonstrated exceptional care towards our customers and the delegates; Innovation, by helping us to be better than anyone else at what we do, and Pride, because they make us proud to work for Serco!

They smoothly organized the huge event, produced processed images and realized videos/animations which were shown during the week. Some of them took care of pleasantly welcoming people and of giving support to the participants and to the event communication. We are proud to say that 23 authors contributed to 54 separate papers and one of the staff also developed the LPS application which helped many delegates find their preferred sessions.

This great effort was appreciated by the customer, for which our contribution was outstanding.

We would like to thank the EOP-SE Contract for this big success!

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