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Serco Europe awarded contract with European Space Agency

We are pleased to announce that Serco Europe has been awarded a 3 year contract,with an option for a further 2 years, with the Earth Observation Science, Application and Future Technologies Department of the European Space Agency (ESA), based at ESRIN, near Rome in Italy.

ESRIN is ESA's Centre for Earth Observation (also known as the European Space Research Institute) is a research centre belonging to the European Space Agency.

Sixteen Serco staff,together with sub contractors,deliver the service which Serco has been managing since 2001. We support ESA's Earth Observation Exploitation and Application Project in all areas of its activities, and in particular:

  • To analyse performance and validate results of EO projects
  • To install and test prototype EO algorithmic and application software packages delivered to ESA
  • To maintain day-today contacts with EO user community
  • To generate EO promotional and training materials and support related events and courses.

Over more than 12 years of support the team activity has grown with the development of ESA Earth Observation programmes, where our senior experts contribute to international initiatives on Environment, Climate Change and use of space data for evaluation of Major Disasters.

The recent launch of the first of the European Sentinel series of satellites and the launch of new explorers open the floor to new challenges for the team: support the development of innovative information, support the development of new algorithms and tools to enable the user community to process and visualise massive quantity of data and support the development of new user communities.