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Serco Europe Supports the Euro Election

From 22nd to 25th May 2014, elections to the European Parliament were held across the European Union.

Serco Europe leads a consortium that provides a full range of IT services to the elected Members of the European Parliament, their offices, and the Civil Servants who work in the Parliaments sites in Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg. This impressive contract is led by Serco Belgium's Michael Mathieu, whose team of 130 IT technicians and engineers service in excess of 10,000 Users, including 850 VIP's.

On the night of the elections, the world's press and media were out in force at the European Parliament in Brussels. Our team assisted the media with all their IT requirements, supporting more than 600 people in the debating chambers, over 2,000 users on Wi-Fi, 8,000 hits per second on the election website and 12,000 printed documents.

Our team was praised by the European Parliament's Senior Management for their support during the preparations of the elections, and for their ability to deal with all issues on this exceptional night. Our congratulations go to Mike and his team.