Supporting ESA's European space programme

Serco working with ESA

Supporting ESA's European space programme

Serco has a long track-record in supporting the European Space Agency (ESA) across its research and operations over five sites in mainland Europe and one in South America with over 300 engineering, scientific, administrative and IT staff.

Our long term commitment to both the space programmes and our customer's organisations through our on-site support and the dedication of our staff can be evidenced through an example of the work we have done over the years:

  • Earth Observation
  • Meteorological Services
  • Space Science
  • Telecommunications
  • Technology
  • Human Space Flight

Our Space Business Offer

Serco bases its commercial offer in the space marketplace on an extensive range of core competencies in two main business streams.

These reflect our service management approach to customer's requirements:

Integrated Space Services

The capability to undertake a long term commitment to provide a fully managed, integrated and turnkey service in support of a diverse range of engineering, technical, infrastructure, operational and user support requirements.

This provides our customers with a single contract with full responsibility for performance and evolution and allows them to concentrate on their core business.

Knowledge Transfer

The Knowledge transfer is the bedrock of the Serco ethos, both internally and together with our partners and clients around the world. It encompasses our core values of building capability, sustainability and commitment to the long-term goals.

Knowledge Transfer is much more than teaching and training, it also includes the resourcing, planning, implementation and operations for the program lifecycle.